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·         For replacement of sand in swimming pool and spa filters

·         Replacement of sand and anthracite and multi media gravity and pressure vessel filters for drinking water.

·         Filtration of surface and groundwater.

·         Pre filter for RO and nano-membrane filters.

·         As an ion exchange resin it can be used for the removal of heavy metal cations, nitrogen, chloramines, certain organic hydrocarbons, and many other contaminants.


·         Better filtrate clarity: BRZ™ has a nominal rating of less than 5 microns. Sand and anthracite has a rating of 15 microns, and multi media is 12 microns.

·         Increased flow rate: Flow rates are generally more than double through BRZ™.

·         Greater particulate loading:  BRZ™ generally holds more than twice the particulates as sand and anthracite.

·         Fewer backwash cycles with less water used:  BRZ™ cuts the backwash cycles and amount of water used in less than one half.

·         Lower capital cost to expand plant capacity: Plant capacities can be doubled by replacing sand and anthracite with BRZ™ to eliminate the installation of more equipment and buildings.


BRZ™ is a 100% natural zeolite of volcanic origin. The internal and external surface area of zeolite is 10 times greater than quartz. One gram of BRZ™ has a surface area of 25 square meters. BRZ™ 100% more permeability than sand.

The water passes through the BRZ™ and not just around the grains like it does with sand. This gives the much lower nominal rating of less than 5 microns and the greater capacity and loading. BRZ™ has a bulk density of only 55 pounds per cubic foot which is about half that of sand.