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·         Size: 14 x 40, 30 x 60, -40.

·         GRAS: Classified as “GRAS” (generally regarded as safe) under21 CFR Part 182.2729, 40 CFR Part 180.1001

·         Color: Pale green when dry, dark green when wet

·         Moisture: Holds up to 55% of its weight in water 

·         Surface Area: High surface area 24.9 square meters/gram

·         CEC: High cation exchange capacity (CEC), allows it to absorb cations such as ammonium, heavy metals such as lead, zinc, copper, silver, and radioactive nuclides such as isotopes of cesium and strontium into its crystal lattice. 

·         Weight: 55 pounds per cubic foot

·         Hydrophilic 


BRZ™ can be used to absorb and deodorize fluids including oil, gasoline, possibly methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB's), alcohol, water, and a wide variety of other organic and inorganic fluids. It is effective for the removal of certain heavy metals such as silver, mercury, nickel, chrome, cobalt, antimony, arsenic, etc., and various cations such as ammonium from water and other fluids. BRZ™ can also be used to separate ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, methane, oxygen, and nitrogen from gas streams. BRZ™ is used for the containment of low-level radioactive waste from water and for the containment of radio nuclides. It has been found to be effective on various radioactive isotopes of strontium and cesium.          

(download oil and gas field applications  brochure)


·         FLOOR CLEAN-UP
Shops, service stations, airports, refineries, machine shops, petroleum transfer stations. Material is spread on the floor and then swept up.


Fine particle BRZ™ can be airdropped or pneumatically spread over marine oil spills. The BRZ™ causes the oil to coagulate where it can be more efficiently "skimmed." Alternatively, the coagulated mass will sink. At this point, bacteria (that can be added to the zeolite) will convert the oil to a safe compound or alternatively the coagulated zeolite with the oil maybe environmentally stable.

·         KITTY LITTER

BRZ™ is much more effective than clay absorbents currently being used for kitty litter, because the BRZ™ ties up the ammonium, the cause of the odor, in the crystal structure (the cation exchange position). The kitty litter can then be recycled to the garden or lawn as an ammoniated soil amendment.


A thin layer of BRZ™ is placed in the horse stall area to absorb ammonium and de-moisturize the manure to retard the development of fly larvae. It is then recycled as an ammoniated soil amendment on lawns and gardens.

·         ANIMAL CAGES

A thin layer of BRZ™   is used in animal cages to deodorize and de-moisturize animal waste. It is then recycled as an ammoniated soil amendment for plants, lawns, and gardens.


BRZ™ can effectively remove odor forming gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide generated
by sewage treatment plants and industrial plants.